Roman Griesfelder

Roman Griesfelder, MBA, works as a general manager HICHERT + PARTNER to 2011. and since then continues close cooperation with prof. Rolf Hichert, who is the creator of a unique and internationally recognized concept of managerial reporting known as SUCCESS RULES ® - Rules for Successful preparation of management reports. With the engagement in the company HICHERT + PARTNER and engaging concept SUCCESS RULES ®, during many years of his career he works as leader and a project manager controller for a large company in Switzerland. He is currently the CEO of aspektum gmbh, whose focus the application of labor SUCCESS RULES ® in business practices, and He also developed complementary concepts like TEXT RULES ® and Reporting 2.0. In close collaboration with prof. Hichert stays committed to work in managerial reporting and business communication, as a teacher, but also as a consultant and coach for the practical application of topics related to SUCCESS RULES ®.

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