Rent-an-Internal Auditor

Business effectiveness offers a Rent-a-Internal Auditor service (Interim Management).

In according with the mission of Business effectiveness, by using experience acquired through many years of working in a dynamic business environment, active monitoring of contemporary trends in business, practical application of modern knowledge in business and a continuous improvement of the team, we provide high quality business consulting services to our clients.

Internal auditing is an independent advisory activity that ensures the achievement of the objectives, increase of value and improvement of an organization's business. For all of these, internal auditing uses systematic and disciplined approach when managing risky situations and improving management processes.

Whom is it intended
Rent-a-Internal Auditor service is intended for companies whose work effect is less than expected and want to discover the cause of inefficiency. Also, the service is intended for the companies that have gone or are going through the phase of intensive growth in which the management processes have become complex and are trying to increase their transparency.

The objectives
The objective of internal audit is to examine the existing way of doing business and to propose measures for improvement, even when the business looks clean and stable. With transparent and efficient business processes, the company increases the resistance to external shocks and interests of employees are getting closer with long-term interests of the company.

Rent-an-Internal Auditor

Content of Rent an Internal Auditor service
An Internal Auditor from business effectiveness will analyze business processes and distribution of power within the company and will propose procedures and policies to reduce the potential risks:

  • procedures for timely and transparent internal reporting
  • policies for the prevention of frauds at all levels
  • policies for the protection of property and its proper use
  • compliance with laws
  • alignment of business operations with the company's long-term goal

Advantages of engaging and Internal Auditor from Business efficiency

  • The internal auditor is a variable cost, engaged as needed
  • Experienced internal auditor is currently ready for business challenges
  • Internal auditor is analytical and objective, but builds partnerships and confidential relationship
  • High auditor's respect towards confidentiality of business data
  • Advisor cooperate with management, accounting and other departments in order to implement the changes permanent, and to enable continuing of positive practices after the departure of a financial advisor
  • The company will, in addition to auditor's help, enjoy the support of the entire team from Business effectiveness, including auditors, accountants, tax consultants
  • Advisor remains available for consultation after project completion

For any questions or a need for customizing the program to your specific needs, Business effectiveness consultants are at your disposal.

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