Business effectiveness offers a Rent-a-Treasurer service (Interim Management).

Subsequent to the mission of Business effectiveness, by using experience gained through many years practice, active monitoring of contemporary trends in business, practical application of modern knowledge in business and a continuous improvement of the team, we provide high quality business consulting services to our clients.

Corporate treasurers have an important task in ensuring undisturbed daily business in firms. The treasurers are responsible for maintaining adequate levels of liquid financial resources in order for company to be able for paying overdue obligations in a most favorable way. Apart from the operating business, treasurers advise management regarding the investment desicions, debt and financial risk management.

Management, accounting, sales and procurement departments will become acquainted with the methods that can be applied to reduce the company's needs for the external operational funding. That way, the company will be capable for increasing the profitability and its competitiveness on the market.

Rent-a-Treasurer service content


Activity fields of Corporate Treasurers can be divided into three parts:
Managing liquidity

  • analyze the current dynamics of cash flows
  • propose effective politics and procedures of collection (eg. calculation of the cost and benefits of granting rebates)
  • predict the needs of the company for the cash and liquidity
  • analyze the cost of short-term financing and propose a more favorable options
  • Prepare documentation for granting loans

Financial Management

  • establish effective coordination of business and financial strategic planning
  • analyze the value of investment projects (by discounting cash flows) and the sensitivity to changes in the profitability of the project variables
  • analyze options for the financing investment projects

Risk Management

  • the risks to which the company is currently exposed and those who might be exposed in the future (operational risks such as economic cycles, market and technological changes, etc.)
  • the refinancing risk
  • risk of changes in foreign exchange rates and instruments for reducing the risk

For any questions, or need for customizing the program to your specific needs, Business effecitiveness consultants are at your disposal.