Rent-a-SAP Manager

Business effectiveness offers a Rent-a-SAP Manager interim management service (Interim Management).

Subsequent to the mission of Business effectiveness and by using many years of proven experience in practice, active monitoring of contemporary trends in business, practical application of modern knowledge in business and by constantly improvement of our team, we provide high quality business consulting services for our clients.

SAP is one of the most widely used ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. It’s modularity allows the adjustment of the needs for each company and therefore it is suitable for both small and large businesses. The implementation of any ERP system, including SAP, is actually the process of improving business processes, while SAP and IT systems are tools for achieving this goal.

The Goals
The aim of introducing ERP systems, such as SAP, is business improvement through efficient management of resources. However, there are often prejudice that SAP and other ERP systems are expensive to implement and maintain, and therefore are feasible only for large companies. However, SAP modularity in combination with the right implementation approach will make this investment profitable in many ways. 

Whom is it intended
Service Rent-a-SAP Manager is designed for companies that are planning to introduce SAP resource management system and to all the companies who possess such a system, but also considering its upgrade.

Content of Rent-a- SAP Manager service

To make the new system work effectively, SAP Manager from the Business effectiveness will focus on two important processes:

In preparation of the employees, SAP Manager:

  • communicate with all future users of the SAP system
  • harmonize their needs and requirements of the system
  • see the whole picture of the company and all the business processes in the company
  • understand how a process complements the another one
  • prepare employees for the practical application of the new system

In terms of the implementation of the necessary modules, SAP Manager will:

  • analyze the client's needs (regardless of bidders SAP solutions)
  • select the functions of SAP that best suit the needs and resources of the company
  • analyze and ensure system compatibility with systems of suppliers and business partners
  • integrate new modules with existing ones
  • care for the proper implementation of financial modules
  • prepare a budget for the implementation
  • monitor the progress and manage the risk arising from the implementation
  • prepare progress reports for management
  • test the software

Advantages of engaging the SAP Manager from Business effectiveness:

  • an experienced specialist currently ready for work assignments
  • knowledge of business planning, organization and budgeting
  • knowledge of SAP system and the individual modules
  • experience and knowledge of best practices in implementing and using SAP solutions
  • knowledge of business reporting and controlling
  • knowledge of finance and accounting
  • high respect for business data confidentiality policy
  • expect the support from an advisor, the company will enjoy the support from the whole Business effectiveness team, including IT specialists, accountants, HR managers, controllers
  • advisor remains available for consultation after project completion

For any questions or a need for customizing the program to your specific needs, business efficiency consultants are at your disposal.

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