The function of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in companies is to optimize and approve expenditures, analyze investment opportunities, financing methods, manage liquidity and working capital. This way, financing costs can be reduced, competitiveness and profitability can be increased and the growth of the company can be increased.

The goals

With having a CFO within a company, it is easier to optimize and keep track of your financial business. Using methods of budgeting and evaluating, future cash flows can be more predictable. Thereby, a company is capable to avoid unnecessary financial costs.


Whom is it intended

Rent-a-CFO is suitable for smaller companies for which it would not be cost effective to have their own financial director. However, they do need the analysis and reorganization of financial operations. Besides the reorganization, smaller companies may engage external financial director in the preparatory phase of the investment project.

Content services Rent-a-CFO

In order to optimize financial management, an advisor from Busines effectiveness will analyze the existing processes and will propose the improvement of the same:

  • Timely and reliable financial reporting
  • Analysis of financial indicators
  • Budgeting
  • Analysis of deviations from budget
  • Collection of receivables
  • Liquidity management
  • Optimization of financing costs
  • Evaluation of potential investment projects
  • Sensitivity of the company to external shocks
  • Determining the value of the company

Benefits of engaging a financial advisors from Business effectiveness

  • Financial Advisor is a variable cost, engaged as needed
  • An experienced financial advisor is currently ready for business challenges
  • The confidentiality of business data as it is a member of management
  • Advisor cooperates with management, accounting and other departments to implement the changes permanent, and to prepare them to continue practices after the departure of a financial advisor
  • the company will, in addition to financial advisor, have the support of the entire team from Business effectiveness, including auditors, accountants and tax advisers
  • Advisor remains available for consultation after project completion

For any questions or a need for customizing the program to your specific needs, Business effectiveness consultants are at your disposal.