Developing controlling plans for companies

Controlling is a function of leadership that addresses problems of coordination and integration within the business processes being implemented in a company.

The organizational structure of the company must be more flexible in order to more easily adapt to rapid changes in the market. The primary role of controlling is the connection of different parts of the company into one unit to create a comprehensive view of its entire business with the aim of maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. For the achievement of the primary roles of controlling it is necessary to have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of finance and accounting, auditing, statistics, mathematics and computer science, organization, management and psychology, and a prerequisite for the achievement of positive results is an accurate and detailed controlling plan.

The process of making a controlling plan

Business effectiveness recommends the following five phases of the process for making controlling plan for a company:
1. Insight into the existing business processes and functions in the company
2. Making of the initial proposal for a business improvement
3. Presentation and arrangement about the activities and responsibilities needed for the improvement
4. Implementation of agreed targets for improvement
5. Measuring the effectiveness of the methods implemented for improvement and their continuous development.

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