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  • Award of international lGC certificate

    At the Annual General Meeting of members of the International Group of Controlling...

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  • Investment study

    Investment Study Business effectiveness includes: developing the methodology of CBRD, a certified consultants CASB INVEST.

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  • Development of business plans

    The process of business planning and business plan development in the modern business environment is becoming increasingly important activity because it takes on a more effective...

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  • Rent-a-Controller

    Rent-a-service controller is designed for companies that in a reliable and cost-effective way want to improve their operations and adapt to new market conditions.

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  • Development of EU projects

    Croatian contests are available to applicants for grants integrated pre-accession fund IPA Programme of the EU, and the future of the Cohesion Fund and the Structural Funds.

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Business plan

For a successful business in the modern world, it is essential that your business has developed a quality business plan.


EU funds

To obtain EU grants, it is necessary to create a high quality EU project, we can help you...



Controlling studies

Controlling is a function of leadership which addresses the problems of coordination and integration of business processes.


Controlling Academy

Program for Controlling Academy of Business effectiveness is certified by the International Group of Controlling...


Current educations

[Executive Workshop] Cost and Profitability Management with the new methodology Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC)

Posted in Current educations

Course overview The increasing demand from companies/organizations in understanding their services and products true cost and profitability have created a gap that the new methodology Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) is helping to close and is providing top management with quality data that can support their operational decisions and strategic initiatives. The TDABC methodology is being used for several strategic initiatives: to calculate the true cost and profitability per...

Advanced business charts with Excel

Posted in Current educations

Seminar summary Well-conceived visual design of data leads to better business communication: Information is conveyed to the target audience faster and more effective. The creators of reports are able to attract the desired level of attention. This seminar provides a well-balanced combination of conceptional and technical methods needed to produce high-class business charts for reports and presentations. These methods and techniques are universally applicable and can be adopted to individual...

Process optimization

Posted in Current educations

COURSE OVERVIEW The workshop focuses on methods of Process Optimization from practical point of view. Goal is to enhance Process Awareness of participants and ensure tools and methods for process oriented operation of companies. At the end of the workshop, participants will obtain an in-depth understanding of the methodology and toolkits on how to improve processes. There will be extensive use of a range of real life examples, case studies, discussions to achieve the goal mentioned...

Financial modelling for investment appraisals

Posted in Current educations

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE You will discover the fast and efficient techniques of cash-flow modeling, profitability analysis and project comparisons. You will learn about best practices regarding capital budgeting process - incorporated by leading organizations in the world, for example Daimler, Stora Enso, Fortum, Neste Oil and many more. You will discover how to analyze an investment project using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method with the help of Invest for Excel® software.  All essential steps...
  • ...Concept of education is very well positioned for both – beginners and advanced. To beginners it gives insight of controlling and how it works, while advanced refreshes already acquired knowledge that can be immediately applied in practice. Excellent!!!...

    Davor Mihoković
    BKS – Leasing Croatia d.o.o., Zagreb
  • ...in my opinion , the greatest value of education has a direct and immediate access and interaction between teachers and students, as well as specific tools that can be used in future work, therefore, teachers who have practical work experience and specific exercises and examples in Excel...

    Zdenka Jurković
    Moja zemlja d.o.o., Zagreb
  • ...I commend the your speed and efficiency, fully in line with company name and the activity you do. I am satisfied with the seminar experience and I hope that we will continue our cooperation...

    Lovorka Bujas
    Gradski parking d.o.o., Šibenik
  • ...The Controlling Academy I recommend it to beginners in controlling and those who already have experience in business practice. For beginners it's a great introduction to the world of controlling where they in an understandable and practical way can gain insight into all aspects of controlling  and for those with experience an excellent opportunity to review current ways of working and sharing of experiences. The special value of the program provide instructors with extensive experience in the practice which present in concrete situation in a simple way...

    Damir Sever
    Triglav osiguranje d.d., Zagreb
  • ...high praise for excellent teachers and lectures in pleasant surroundings! Very useful, interesting and educational days Controlling Schools. We gained a lot of new theoretical and practical knowledge that will benefit us in our daily work. We particularly liked the active participation of teachers and students with a lot of practice...

    Andrea Kirinčić i Marina Španjić Martinčić
    GP Krk d.d., Krk
  • ...I decided for the Academy of Business effectiveness because I recognized a different approach to education. It is an approach where focus is on the practical application of acquired knowledge, which is crucial for each student. Teachers, with extensive experience in the practice, through an interactive relationship and present concrete examples of complex topics in a simple way. So allow participants to bridge the gap between theory and practice and the rapid application of newly acquired knowledge to create added value to their organizations. Controlling Academy provides a detailed and comprehensive view of the complex problems of the controller job and I would recommend it to anyone whoes wish seriously wants to deal with controlling...

    Dalibor Brnos
    Puljanka – Brionka d.o.o., Pula
  • ...Coach simply captures, the dynamism and perfect explanation of terms that have been an absolute mystery to me...

    Tanja Petrović
    Galeb Group d.d., Beograd
  • ...excellent teacher who is very good in the matter and who has a very good presentation skills...

    Mihovil Prpić
    Honestas d.o.o. za poslovno savjetovanje, Zagreb
  • ...after four intense days at the "School of controlling" I want to express my pleasure to attend the lectures. Although the School is intense and demanding, it was more than helpful to examine all aspects of the job of a controller. To me, personally, it was useful to see in one place what are the disciplines in which it is necessary to continue improving in controllers job. Also, I must commend the teachers who are experts in their profession and theory. I hope that we will cooperate in the future...

    Milovan Arnaut
    Tetra Pack Production d.o.o., Beograd
  • ...due to the needs of companies for quickly adaptation to the dynamic environment ( market , legislation, economic situation ), to make decision is not enough to rely on historical data, it is also important to analyze quality environment and to plan and direct the activities accordingly. The importance of controlling combines information, quality processes and presentations which is the unquestionable thing for the support of the Administration. Controlling Academy with their lecturers, who have vast experience, provides students with a comprehensive view of the controller work, and thanks to the newly acquired knowledge practical examples are immediately applicable...

    Tihana Muntijan
    Gradska plinara Zagreb - Opskrba d.o.o., Zagreb
  • ...I'd like to thank TheBusiness efficiency and Mr. Mladen Meter who organized the Controlling Academy and all lecturers of this cycle of the Academy who have been selflessly willing to transfer their knowledge and experience in the field of control. For me personally, this training has given an extra boost with the intention of introducing controlling the society where I work, and where there is no controlling separate service, only service accounting and financial reporting management of individual business segments. This training gave me more knowledge about the utility of controlling the management of the business and the tools that are used in the same , as well as the manner of introduction of the company. I also met some interesting people who are free for contacting if I encounter a problem in whose resolve I would need the exchange of opinions. I sincerely hope that you will continue to organize such an interesting educational programs where we have an opportunity to see...

    Tatjana Bašić
    Tehnomont d.o.o., Pula
  • ...Me as a manager Dental Center b2 can say that cooperation with business performance has been extremely successful, a proposal was made to withdraw funds from the Business Pulse and it was great designed and built, we even received praise from the Department that it was a great prepared project. We will definitely continue to monitor what's going to happen here in the market and we will again certainly decide for the involvement of Business efficiency...

    Ivica Milardović
    Dental centar B2